Rib-eye round Saggy’s



Last week I got a last minute invite from my buddy Sarah (who from this point on will be known as Saggy) to come round hers for a some beef & rocket.

Saggy is a girl who loves her meat. She is also a mean cook. In fact she is starting her own baby food line but that’s confidential info and I cannot talk about it. Saggy also eats like a man. Despite weighing about 60 kilos the girl can eat most men I know under the table. Over the years she’s eaten me under the table on many occasions.

So when I get an invite to come and eat steak round hers I don’t refuse. Good steak and plenty of it.

Last week was no exception. She bought 2 Rib-eyes and 2 rumps both of which she got from M&S. Whilst supermarket steak is usually a no-no, M&S is generally OK. Often I find the meat a little flavourless but the texture is always decent enough. So with a bit of creativity in the kitchen you’ll usually end up contented. Saggy marinaded all the meat in Balsamic vinegar. She used a very good quality Balsamic called Belazu, which always makes a huge difference.

We grilled the meat on her barbecue that she keeps on her balcony. Saggy lives in a swanky riverside apartment in Barnes and technically is not allowed to barbecue outside but fortunately she has understanding neighbours. We grilled on a very high temperature to sear the outside of the meat and then turned it down to cook the inside slowly though.

The result was excellent. She served it with a lovely salad of rocket leaves and cherry tomatoes with a generous amount of great quality Olive Oil and washed it down with some reasonable Rioja.

Verdict: Chez Saggy is as good as any restaurant this side of the Pampas.

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